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Smoked and -Cured Bacon, Pasture-Raised

Smoked and -Cured Bacon, Pasture-Raised

Breakfast, lunch, or dinner - bacon is tasty anytime! This hand-sliced smoked and ]cured bacon is thick-cut. 

Choose the total quantity you want and we will get your exact price and refund or charge the balance prior to shipping/pickup. All prices are per lb.

For example, if you want a 5 lb chicken, choose 5 lbs. If you want 3 lbs of sausage choose 3 in the quantity.

This usually comes 1 pound per pack. All products are shipped frozen.

Our non-GMO-fed pasture-raised hogs live the good life. They get moved to fresh grass or woods frequently. They have a low-stress life and are processed right on the farm. You can read more about how we raise our pigs on our website:
12 USD